Theatre Portfolio


The Birth of a Thespian

From childhood plays to high school musicals, I knew part of me was meant to live on the stage.  After years of studying and participating in my university theatre department, I received an Honours Theatre Degree from the University of Ottawa in 2007.

Years later, I found myself teaching English in Korea--missing my relationship with the stage.  Thus, theDaegu Theatre Troupe was born in 2008.

Scroll through the following collection of  projects, where I was able to find other artists to join together and bring performance art to life.

I hope to be able to add more, as I continue to make my move around the world. Enjoy!

Daegu’s First 24 Hour Theatre Project

Role: Production Manager, Stage Manager, Master of Ceremonies

This was our debut performance as the Daegu Theatre Troupe.  I was amazed at the amount interest!  We compiled six teams of talented writers, actors, and directors. We had great sponsors from the community, as well as a fantastic, responsive audience!   It gave us energy to push onward!

The Vagina Monologues


Role: Production Manager, Director, Actor

The Vagina Monologues was performed in conjunction with the annual international event  V-Day (fighting violence against women).  Expat and Korean women banned together to perform this emotional and risque show to sold out audiences.

*Proceeds were donated to the Comfort Women of Korea.

24 Hour Theatre Project II

Role: Production Manager, Actor

With the success of our first 24 Hour Project, the Troupe brought back the event with new teams and delightful performances.

Comedy Cabaret Night

Role: Production Manager, Actor

A Valentine's Day- themed Comedy Night brought out actors to perform in scenes and monologues about the comedic nature that surrounds relationships.  Other artists were also invited to perform as part of the cabaret.

*Proceeds were donated to a local charity shelter- The Buddha Center.

Spring 24 Hour Theatre Project

Role: Production Manager, Actor

The Troupe brought back the 24 Hour project to satisfy artists who craving some creative freedom.  New members were thrilled to be a part of the event, and the audience brought great enthusiasm!


Role: Production Manager, Director

This event gave me my first solo director piece: Dragun's "The Man Who Turned into a Dog".  It was exhilarating to develop a creative vision and see it progress onto the stage.

*Proceeds were donated to the Korean Animal Protection Society (KAPS)

Polterheist: Murder Mystery

Role: Stage Manager, Master of Ceremonies

For Halloween 2010, we tried a new style: Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre.  I worked closely with the Director, Assistant Stage Manager and Production Manager to organize all aspects of the show to ensure a smooth performance.

Holiday Season in 24 Hours

Role:  Actor

The Troupe was eager to set the holiday season in motion with our third 24 Hour Theatre Project.  More comedy ensued with scripts and performances created  by 5 fresh teams.

*Proceeds were donated to the Korean Animal Protection Society (KAPS)


Theatre in Toronto

Theatre in the Homeland

Role: Volunteer Front of House, Assistant Stage Manager

Being back in Canada has allowed me to continue developing my passion for the theatre world.  I have had the fortunate opportunities to volunteer with Front of House Duties at several theatre companies such as  Buddies in Bad Times and the community group,The Village Players.

The Hypochondriac

Role: Assistant Stage Manager; Maid

With a warm welcome from Toronto's Eastside Players, I landed my first position as ASM on their spring show "The Hypochondriac."  In a new version of Moliere's classic, this new version is full of laughs, physicality, and can-cans.  It has been a wonderful experience to work with such a talented group both behind the stage and on stage.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Role: Assistant Stage Manager; Orderly; Old Woman

After a successful first show in Toronto's theatre community, I have joined another company to enjoy a creative outlet.  This time it is with Amicus Productions dark thriller "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde".  I am thrilled to be part of this new and mysterious adaptation as ASM.  I was given the responsibility of organizing almost 30 set changes with the help of dedicated crew.  In addition, I get to hit the stage as a member of the 19th century cast for a few scenes.  It has been a pleasure to be a part of the show and to watch the actors work and develop into these intriguing and dynamic characters.


Amicus Productions

Production: Madwoman of Challiot (Role: Coquette, First Wives Club)

Production: Robin Hood (Role: Stage Manager)

I got to be a part of Amicus Productions final show of the 2014-2015 AND the season opener for 2015-2016.  Both shows offered me unique and adventurous opportunities.  For Madwoman, I made my way around the stage conversing with other characters and trying to understand the craziness that was occurring in a Paris cafe.  Being back on stage felt great - even with only two lines to memorize! 

For Don Nigro's Robin Hood, it was a totally different feat.  I made my debut as Stage Manager, and organized a cast of over 20 actors to ensure 8 smooth and solid performances for great audiences. It was my first show of calling cues from the booth.  It was incredible to be part of a production from the very beginning until the last piece was moved back into our theatre warehouse 10 weeks later!